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Acton School will be having an influenza vaccination clinic on Thursday 10/6/22.

We will be partnering with Northern Light Home Care & Hospice to provide this clinic to our students.
Please click on the link below and complete the consent form by Wednesday 10/5/22 at noon.
You must type something into all highlighted fields, so please use NA if it doesn’t apply.
Although the vaccine is provided at no charge, there is a cost to administer the vaccine.
We appreciate it if you include accurate insurance information.
Children presenting with an incomplete form will not receive their vaccine.
There is no out of pocket cost and those without insurance will be vaccinated with the appropriate form completed.

  • You will be notified if there is a change in the planned dates of school flu clinics.

  • The Vaccine Information Sheets are included in the link after the consent form. Please take a minute to read these.

  • If you need a translated form or are unable to compete an electronic form, please let the school nurse know and we will send a paper form home.

All clinics will have injectable vaccine. In addition, FluMist (nasal spray) may be available at some clinics. We cannot guarantee it for all clinics. Unless you clearly mark which type of vaccine you prefer, and there is no contraindication to either type of vaccine, the nurse at the clinic will determine which type of vaccine to use for your child.

For information about flu and the vaccine go to

For questions about the flu vaccine, call Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Maine CDC) at 1-800-867-4775, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

For questions about the vaccine clinics at our school, please call the school nurse Carol Wendel at 636-2100 ext. 208.

Please be sure to complete and return the Health Screen & Permission form electronically!

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Soccer Game - Acton vs York

One of Acton's young media creators, Cameron P, produced this excellent video of the Acton vs York soccer game on September 15th.

Great job AES players and our media producer.

Free and Reduced

You may apply for Free or Reduced School Meals at any time, even if you were not eligible earlier in the school year.

For help completing the application call (207) 608-8762

Public Comment for Every Child Succeeds Act

It is required to post the federal funds for the next school year under the Every Student Succeeds Act. We are asking for any public comments or input on the use of these funds. Please comment below if you have any comments about the use of funds.

Thank you

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