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2022 - Winter Concert

Substitute Employment Information

We are eagerly seeking substitute teachers.

Please fill out the application and register to get fingerprinted per ME law.

Maine law requires that all school employees have their fingerprints taken so that state and federal criminal background checks can be conducted. This requirement must be met within eight weeks from the date of hire. If an employee does not currently hold an approval certificate from the ME Department of Education, he or she must obtain a temporary approval (which is valid for the first eight weeks of employment) and then be fingerprinted during one of the available fingerprinting sessions established by the Maine Department of Education. Once you receive an approval certificate from the ME Department of Education, please forward a copy to the District Office.

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Free and Reduced

You may apply for Free or Reduced School Meals at any time, even if you were not eligible earlier in the school year.

For help completing the application call (207) 608-8762

Public Comment for Every Child Succeeds Act

It is required to post the federal funds for the next school year under the Every Student Succeeds Act. We are asking for any public comments or input on the use of these funds. Please comment below if you have any comments about the use of funds.

Thank you

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