School Information

School Unit: Acton School Department

City, State: Acton, ME

County: York

Location: Google Maps

School Unit Size: 250

School Size/Description: K-8 elementary

Community Description: The Acton Community is committed to providing a high quality experience for the students of Acton. Located in So. Maine near the NH border.

Submit Applications to

Central Office

Acton Elementary School

700 Milton Mills Road

Acton, ME 04001

Phone: (207) 636-2100

Fax: (207) 636-4525

Substitute Employment Information

We are eagerly seeking substitute teachers.

Please fill out the application and register to get fingerprinted per ME law.

Maine law requires that all school employees have their fingerprints taken so that state and federal criminal background checks can be conducted. This requirement must be met within eight weeks from the date of hire. If an employee does not currently hold an approval certificate from the ME Department of Education, he or she must obtain a temporary approval (which is valid for the first eight weeks of employment) and then be fingerprinted during one of the available fingerprinting sessions established by the Maine Department of Education. Once you receive an approval certificate from the ME Department of Education, please forward a copy to the District Office.