Danielle Hall


As President of the PTG, Danielle:

  • Sets the agenda for our meetings and communicates it to the group
  • Runs our meetings and makes sure we follow the bylaws
  • Approves all printed materials for school and community distribution (All materials are also approved by the school Principal)
  • Notifies everyone of changes to meeting dates, times, or locations
  • Oversees standing committees that are set up to work on various projects

Deb Robertson

Vice President

As Vice President of the PTG, Deb:

  • Helps the President and runs PTG meetings in her absence
  • Assumes other duties as asked by the President
  • Helps the Treasurer and Secretary make sure reports are accurate
  • Helps to ensure information is available to the community

Jeanna DeLong


As Treasurer of the PTG, Jeanna:

  • Presents a financial statement at every PTG meeting (and upon request)
  • Receives any money paid to the PTG so that it can be recorded and deposited
  • Keeps an accurate record of PTG funds (including receipts and disbursements)
  • Pays all PTG bills
  • Maintains a record of current and past budgets versus actual spending

Lorisa Ricketts


As Secretary of the PTG, Lorisa:

  • Keeps an accurate record of all monthly meetings
  • Is the custodian of all communications, documents, and papers belonging to the PTG and ensures that hard copies of these documents are available at the school
  • Maintains a list of the PTG’s contact information
  • Keeps copies of the bylaws and all amendments, and makes these available to the community

Anne Saulnier

Communications Coordinator

As Communications Coordinator of the PTG, Anne:

  • Collaborates with all board members to document policies and procedures for the PTG
  • Works closely with the principal and Acton community to get the word out on news and activities
  • Publishes available information, including putting together newsletters, website content, email blasts, and social media posts
  • Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator

Lindsay Crawford

Teacher Representative

As Teacher Representative of the PTG, Lindsay:

  • Keeps the Acton Elementary School faculty informed of what’s happening with PTG
  • Represents issues, concerns, and requests from other faculty members who aren’t able to attend the meetings

Open Board Position

Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to join the PTG! As Volunteer coordinator, you will:

  • Recruit volunteers as needed throughout the school year to assist in PTG sponsored events
  • Work with the Communications Coordinator to maintain a database of current and potential volunteers
  • Give monthly reports as-needed